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How to Turn Women ON, Without Buying a Sports Car.

To turn women on is one of those things that will occupy your mind late at night when you’re battling insomnia. Seeing a woman full of desire, wanting to grab you by the balls, into a pleasure ocean is perhaps one of the few things that all men wish were common place. It’s because for some reason our female counterparts don’t get as excited and ready to go as we do. Getting them to badly want to have a piece of us is not easy.

But what can we do to improve our chances? How in the world do you really master turning women on?


If I had to stop writing this article, this paragraph would be it. There’s something irresistible about money that both men and women can’t really control.

Whereas men would do anything to have it at all costs, the women would find it extremely hard to resist a man who boundlessly has it.

Having money doesn’t mean that all women will bow to your soul, but most of them will. It doesn’t mean that those who do will fall madly in love with you, but they will find you attractive in the first place before they get to deeply know you. Life is hard. People have problems. And with all our genius brains, it’s the best thing we’ve invented that comes close to solving most of our problems. I think we can do better but this is no place for philosophy.

But in the meantime, before we find a way of eradicating money from our society, let’s take advantage of it.

It ensures your survival. When you have it, most of (if not all) your financial problems will be solved. Given how much the society tells women that men have to take care of them, those with money will always have an upper hand.

Actually it’s reported that women tend to have stronger orgasms when having sex with rich men. In other words as you consider big bums and nice tits when evaluating women, keep in mind that their equivalent is moola. The same way you can’t help staring at an incredibly endowed woman is the same way she can’t help getting attracted to an astoundingly rich man.

Having said that, it’s a well-known fact that being rich is the exception not the norm. Meaning from the word go, the odds are not in your favor. So, if you don’t have money does it mean you’re doomed? No you’re not. There’s another way. And this way is more robust and antifragile if you may. Whether you have money or not, you’ll be glad you came across this article.

Step-by-step guide on how you turn women on.

The spiritual component.

I’m not talking about religion here. This part concerns about a person’s well-being. About her mental calmness. It caters about her relationship with the world. Her views and questions about other people, career, aspirations, name it. It concerns “secrets”, desires, fantasies and dreams. The kind of things other people wouldn’t easily understand or readily accept. Turn women on by being an exception if you can master the spiritual component.

  • Understand her psyche more than she understands herself.

It’s true that she knows about herself more than other people know about her. But it’s also true that they’re certain things about her she can only get to know through the lens of someone else. You want to be this exclusive someone.

If you just watch and don’t judge. If you can go out of your way to listen and not talk every now and then. You will begin noticing things no one else has. You’ll begin anticipating her behavior, what she likes and her fears. She’ll be amazed at how you pull this off. And in due process, you’ll turn her on. Btw this is not a short-term turn-on. It’s long term.

turn women on

  • Care about her needs and life goals.

If you do the above promptly, you’ll get to know her needs and life goals and dreams either by reading in between the lines or her telling you herself. Understanding her goals is one thing, but caring about them and helping her meet them is another.

It shows human nature at its best. Very few people go out of their way to help others meet their goals.

The behavioral component.

I hate to break it to you but the use of psychology is at the base of most of the inter-personal relationships in this world. To some it might look like manipulation but honestly you’re only giving people what they need. Not necessarily what they want but what they need.

For the most part, the spiritual component was about her. But the behavioral component is mostly about you. Here we probe and see how you can fine-tune your behavior to drive her crazy. Remember, you don’t have to tick all boxes. Just enough.

  • Wit and charm.

Wit is more or less stringing words and sentences together intelligently. Charm is impressing someone beyond their wildest expectations. These two beasts are hard to replicate but you can try anyway. If you’ve heard Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, then that’s wit and charm at its best. Don’t try imitating those guys, they’re outliers.

So, how do you go about those two? With wit, it’s all about being incredibly informed and knowledgeable about the world generally. Both the current events and history. This aids your imagination more than you can believe. With charm it’s about thinking about things from the other person’s point of view. That way, it’s easier to come up with something really impressive.

  • Patience – New York City was not built in one day.

This virtue appears at the center of anything grand. From the universe to nature. From countries to businesses. There’s something fluid and magical about patience.

When implementing everything we’ve talked about and what we’re yet to talk about. Patience comes in handy. Warren Buffet once said that no matter how talented and skilled you’re at anything, things take time. You can’t get a baby in one month just because you’ve impregnated nine women.

Whether it’s a mistake you made or some project you want to be successful, you’ll need to be patient such that things play out. They’re times when you’ll do something out of the world for your girl but you can’t expect the effect to happen there and then. Things take time, period. Patience. Patience. Patience.

  • Anticipation.

The human brain is naturally bothered by what it doesn’t know. Whenever we’re faced with what we don’t know, the brain gives it more neural bandwidth than other matters. From the evolutionary sense, you’re better off watching out for what you don’t than the other way round.

So, how do you take advantage of this primal human instinct? Keep your target in suspense. Give them some idea of what to expect but don’t hand out all the details. In other words the more her brain keeps wondering, the more neural bandwidth you’re allocated, and the better for you, right?

The next time you delay coming back home from work and she calls to ask why you’re not home yet, don’t tell her you’re doing shopping for her. Come up with some generic answer. And before she knows it you’re at home handing her flowers.

Anticipation can be used in sex, love and nearly everything. Take advantage of it the best way you can and you will turn her on.

  • Push and Pull

This a psychological phenomenon were your behavior is positive (pull) and negative (push) famous for getting girls. For example you let a girl know that you like her (pull) but you can’t be with her because she’s inexperienced (push). You tell the woman you love, that you’ve been thinking of having lunch with her the past few days (pull), this makes her happy, before you tell her you can’t because there’s an emergency at work (push).

So, how do you use it to turn her on? Simple. Use it to create desire within her. Desire arises when we can’t get something we yearn for. You create the yearning by insinuating that her “femininity” is not enough for you. The challenge will put her into the mood of assuring you that she’s enough for you. Then create some emotional or physical barrier such as “Even if it was possible am going out-of-town anytime soon” (physical) or “The problem is you seem way too inexperienced for me” (emotional).

Play around with different scenarios and see what happens.

turn women on

  • Reward and Punishment.

Reward and punishment is at the center of human nature. It’s how we survive. We avoid things that cause us harm and gravitate towards things that give us pleasure.

The best way to have someone behave us you like is by rewarding her whenever she does something you like and punish her when she does something you hate.

For example when she puts on a sexy outfit, compliment her. And when she puts on something fluffy, bash her. When she looks and behaves in a romantic way, compliment her or even buy her a gift, and when she does the opposite, make fun of her. With time, she will start associating you with sex, romance and everything in between.

The physical component.

a.) The underrated magic of isolation.

This trick works just fine when you dealing with business or dating. If you want the undivided attention of your target, isolate her.

And if you’re well aware of the environment (like your home perhaps), the better. In an unfamiliar environment, her guards become susceptible to attack. Her emotional defense weakens. Isolation is a seduction trick that never fails to impress.

When someone accepts to talk or be with you in private, her brain begins thinking that because she accepted, maybe she really likes you.

After isolating your target, everything is possible. You can sit close to her without anything stopping you. Whereas she might feel shy in public, here she has nothing to fear.

Pro tip: They’re times when you’re struggling to sleep with an amazing woman. This is what you should do using isolation: Come up with any reason as to why she must come to your place. If your place looks nice, it’s an added advantage. At your place, her emotional defense won’t be able to help her out. You don’t need to do much really to get what you want.

  • Attacking her senses.

This seems obvious but it’s amazing how many people miss targeting the human senses. The human brain gets all its information through the senses. The more information it gets from all senses that seem to point to one thing, the more it gives attention to this one thing.

You want this one thing to be you.

When you overwhelm your target through different senses, it becomes incredibly hard for her to do anything about it. If you meet her on a Friday night, putting on a red shirt, with a “come get me cologne”, and touch her every now and then during the conversation, you’re onto something.

How do you target the senses?

  1. Visual senses.
    • Proper grooming.

You don’t want to try seducing someone with terrible beards (but some women like them that way). You don’t want your hair to be disorganized. You want to do some basic grooming. The way you’d be if she was about to introduce you to her parents.

  • Right clothing color.

The red shirt I talked about above is for a reason. For some reason humans associate the color red with romance and sexuality. You want to take advantage of our innate cognitive biases as much as you can. It can be a red shirt, t-shirt of jumper.  Whatever your choices are, think about the color red.


  • The triangle-gaze method.

This is kind of psychic. And honestly I don’t know if it works or it’s always coincidences. Use it with a grain of salt. But here is what it’s all about. You look at her left eye, then the right eye, then her mouth. Do this over and over again. Eventually, especially if the environment is right, she’ll want you to kiss her.

To make sure she’s in the moods to be kissed, stare at her mouth for much longer and see if she stares at yours. If she does, go in for the kiss. It doesn’t work all the time but most of the time. As I said I don’t know if it’s coincidence with other mental and physical factors or not but it freaking works.

  1. Touch

i)Touch her stomach or waist.

There’s something personal for women when it comes to the stomach and waist. Whether she has given you permission to touch them or not, her brain interprets it as a sign that she must really like you or else she wouldn’t have accepted you to do that. The brain forgets that she might have not even been aware of everything.

And then she becomes welcoming of much more than touching the waist. You never know, maybe you will go ahead and touch below her waist.

ii) Holding her face.

The face too. There’s something personal about the face. If you hold her face, I think her brain still interprets it as a sign that she must like you a lot. Holding her face makes you dominant and her submissive. You’re the man and she’s the woman.

Its brutal psychological stuff my friend. Use it with caution.

3. Smell

Do you remember the cologne I talked about? Yeah, smell works. Women are so sensitive to smell, that’s why they’re so clean. A bad smell irritates them. But a good one, oh boy, a good one takes you so far.

If you make a deadly attack of seduction to her smell receptors, she doesn’t have a fighting chance. You’ll give her a hug and she’ll want to stay in your chest forever. She won’t have any problem sitting super close to you. It’s incredible. Get a few colognes which are top notch. Your return on investment will be out of this world.

b) Let her body work for you.

  1. Go down on her without expecting sex afterwards.

It’s on record we love “scoring” when it comes to sex. Most guys consider not having sex with a girl after dating as a failure. To most men, a girl is not considered yours if you’ve not had sex with her. This makes us way too sensitive to sex.

But what if you’d get her to the point of wanting to have sex with you and then you left it at that? Take oral sex . Women love it. It drives them insane. What if, you gave her oral of her life, giving her an orgasm in the process and then you withheld having sex. That would be so sweet. It’s really unheard of.

2. Embrace her sex toys.

Men have this bias against sex toys such as the vibrator. To them, sex toys provide unnecessary competition. They love giving women pleasure through their own hard work. But what they forget is that a toy is not a living thing.

The pleasure you give her, no matter what you used in the process will be attributed to your genius not the toy.

If you can embrace sex toys, you’ll turn your girl on without her knowing what has hit her.

3. Embrace risk.

I remember reading in the newspaper sometime that a couple in India were being investigated by the police for having sex on a moving motor cycle. Apparently the man was driving while the woman was in cow-girl position facing and riding the shit out of him.

Definitely that was super risky for those two lovebirds. But talk about adventure. Embracing risk. Oh man. There’s a certain attraction we have for things that are not normal, behaviors that are not everyday stuff.

Many women want men who can influence them to such points. Men who can fuck them in a bus in the middle of the city full of other passengers. A man who can go to her workplace and give her oral in the bathroom.

Men who embrace risk not only become rich, they’re also attractive to women.


By incorporating everything we’ve talked about, you’ll be able to turn women on anytime you feel like it. It might not happen instantly. But be rest assured, with time, it will definitely happen. Don’t use these tips and techniques to be assholes though, it’s not cool.

So, what do you think? What is your most secret formula for turning women on that you rarely see other men apply?

Talk to you soon,


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