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[Infographic]: Top Tips to Avoid a First Date Fiasco.

The previous Saturday night when you were out with your friends, you met Vanessa – an intriguing and amazing woman. She was a goddess, a few of which you’ve ever met in your entire lifetime. Somehow, you managed to get her number – to the surprise of your friends. “Dude, you’re the best. How did you do that?” they said. Over the past week, you’ve been in touch and the vibe has never been better between you two. It’s time for your first date.

How will it unravel? Will I disappoint her or? Will it be the last time I ever see her again because she’s disappointed in me or? Funny thoughts, bad ones, the slightly good ones – are all circulating in your head. But what if I told you that I can help you come your nerves down? What if I told you that most of your worries are just fears masquerading as genuine reasons?

Nic, it’s not you going to face this hell of a woman. You say. I know, I get it. Some women are scary. Some girls are so intimidating, it’s better not to approach them to begin with. But you approached her and she accepted to see you on a first date. So, you’ve come a long way. Kudos. The fact that you’ve come this far means you can pull this off…

The infographic below is from the folks at and it’s incredible. Have fun ingesting it.

first date


The first date with any woman no matter how scary she can be doesn’t have to be a fiasco. The moment you know what to do, you’ve traveled half the journey. And always remember this when anxiety is killing you; when someone agrees to meet you on a date, it’s because deep down she wants you to succeed. She’s hoping you sweep her feet off the floor. The momentum is on your side, use it.

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