secrets your girlfriend keeps

18 Secrets Your Girlfriend Keeps from You.

Secrets can be things she either hides from you intentionally or unintentionally. They range from the trivial day-to-day stuff to grand decades long monsters. Everyone keeps them. I know I do. You probably do too. But how about your girlfriend?

Does she have a few secrets of her own? Do they influence how she behaves towards you? What can you change if you discovered them? Let’s go;

  1. She thinks men are having it easy.

Why do you think men are having it easy? You ask. She will say; men don’t have the monthly problems of menstrual periods. Men are free to date as many women as they want and the society will only applaud them.

From a young age, she’ll say, “guys are always allowed to do whatever they want which isn’t the case with us girls.” And to a certain extent she’s right. From their biological bodies to social norms, girls don’t get an easy ride compared to boys.

2. During ovulation, she doesn’t need foreplay.

Of course you’ve heard about this notion that women aren’t as interested in sex like you and me. I don’t really believe it but you get the picture. Even if we considered the standard narrative that they don’t like sex much, still, there comes a time of the month where they want you to just rip off their undies and get over with it already. It’s during ovulation.

     3. Still, when she’s ovulating, temptations to cheat on you hit her nonstop.

Yap, you had me right. If you’re the kind of guy that offers her a secure and stable relationship; during ovulation, her body will ask her to fuck someone who’s more masculine and carefree. Bad boys are so popular during this time.

     4. For the most of the days, she needs more reasons to have sex unlike you who just needs a place.

The truth is; women want sex as much as men. But not with the same frequency. The fact that they always need serious reasons to have it doesn’t help either. If you want to get some of her stuff, err on the side of giving her as many reasons as you can.

Be romantic, make her so mad – and then have “make-up” sex. Come up with as many reasons as possible to unlock her p**sy passion.

      5. The only reason she’s still with you is because a better option hasn’t showed up.

I know some of these secrets are going to make you incredibly uncomfortable but that’s why they’re called secrets.

Like it or not, it’s human nature to try to settle with less popular options as we wait for the better ones to show up. It happens from jobs to friends to loved ones. We really can’t help it. The good news is though, sometimes you end up falling in love with whatever this backup option is.

      6. She hates it that you’re broke.

secrets your girlfriend

There’s a quote I read in my father’s notes so many years back and it has stayed with me for all this time. It said; “Men don’t worry about their future until they get married while women worry about their future until they get married too.” Provocative quote that was.

When you’re broke, it means she’s going to go on worrying about her future which is exactly the opposite of what she was looking for in the first place.

       7. Old age scares the hell out her.

Ask any woman and she’ll tell you the best days as a girl are when she’s still young. When men are coming at her nonstop. Her body is still fresh and she’s the center of attention.

But give her some decades under her sleeve and that youthfulness is lost. Her once sharp boobs are now sagging. Her once salacious hips are no more. It’s like the universe is taking away everything that made life easier for her.

I think their fears are misguided though but what I think doesn’t count. Women are scared of getting old – full stop.

       8. It’s okay for you to sleep with other girls as long as you don’t fall in love with them.

This she can never say. Even if you asked her point-blank, she wouldn’t say. But if given a choice between you getting emotionally close to another woman and sleeping with her. She would gladly allow you to sleep with whoever you want.

I’m not saying it doesn’t affect her. It does but not as intensely as the emotional attachment. Emotional betrayal is much more hurting than sexual infidelity in the heart of your girlfriend.

       9. Wonders why you don’t give her clit some love during sex.

Honestly, I wish you’ve already uncovered this secret. But if you’ve not yet, now you know. The clitoris is the epitome of female sexual pleasure. If you can take time and give it some love, you’ll become “The man”.

Now, this doesn’t have to be a secret as any girl who deeply knows her body will happily tell you that her clit is the real deal. The problem is some girls don’t know their bodies that well hence keeping this secret unintentionally.

     10. Fantasizes about stuff that would freak you out.

We all have fantasies. I have a few weird fantasies of mine but I bet you have yours too. And so does your girl. I know, she’s supposed to be this angel with little or no sexual baggage but then she wouldn’t be a human being.

It only takes the right timing and place to know a few of these. The moment she’s sexually aroused or has taken some alcohol, probe her nonstop and you’ll find out a few of them.

      11. She wonders if she’s bisexual sometimes.

I’m getting under your skin – I know. But it’s true. There’s a reason women who report as bisexual are twice as many as men. Yet those who report as only lesbians are half the number of men who report as gays.

The thing is; women are sexually flexible. It doesn’t take a lot for them to be attracted to any sex really. Here’s the other thing; If she has a high sex drive, chances are high she will be attracted to both men and women. You’re freaked out I know but life is so complex. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

Pro tip: Whenever you want to suggest having a threesome with your girlfriend but fear that she’ll call you a jerk. Wait for her during ovulation or times when she’s highly sexually aroused. At moments like these, the odds are not in her favor. She’ll be receptive to fellow women – whether she knows it or not.

      12. You’re untidy and so dirty.

I’m guessing you knew this already. Being so clean and organized aren’t our strongest suites as men. But women being women are completely the opposite.

Every now and then she wonders why in the world it doesn’t occur to you that your stockings should be put far away and not on the floor of the bedroom. They know men are disorganized but sometimes it’s too much. But then she doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable so she keeps it to herself.

     13. She hates some of your friends and relatives.

Don’t tell me you didn’t expect this from her. Some of our friends and relatives can be hard to handle. They’re so nagging and so not good people to hang out with. Like other people before her, your girlfriend notices this and eventually hates them.

But hey, they’re your friends. She doesn’t want to be that girl who despises your friends and family. Still, she hates them – now you know.

secrets your girlfriend

      14. She loves you more than you’ll ever know but she doesn’t let you know.

I hope your girl is one of the few who keep such a secret. Because if she is, then she’s one hell of a mentally strong woman. When you love someone the first thing that comes to mind is scream this love to this person you love. And for women, it’s even more of the case.

But why is she not telling you? Maybe she wants to first be sure of your love for her. Or she doesn’t want you to take her for granted. Whatever the reason is, now you can figure it out.

      15. Hoping you’ll soon ask her a hand in marriage.

This is common. Especially if she loves you so much. Once a woman is so in love with you and wouldn’t see herself dating anyone else, then the next possible goal on her agenda is getting married. Married by who – none other than you.

She won’t tell you this because of reasons you and I can’t know. But hope will be there. She asks her gods every day to persuade you into proposing marriage to her.

      16. Wants to have a one night stand with a stranger in some place where no one knows anything about her.

The same way you love adventure is the same way she loves adventure. The way you want to sleep with some busty babe at work even though you love your girlfriend is the same way she want to sleep with some carefree guy somewhere.

The only difference is; she wants to do it at some place where no one knows her. She wants to go somewhere remote where she’s sure she’ll never meet anyone from there ever in her life. Why? Because of society stigmatization against female sexuality.

     17. She hates it when you don’t anticipate what she wants like a psychic.

Do you know why girls like “mature men?” It’s not because they’re mature per se. It’s because they tend to “know” what these girls want like psychics. It comes so naturally to these men that the women have no option but to be insanely impressed.

What these girls don’t know is that these “mature men” are not naturally gifted psychics. They seem to know so much about what to do and when to do it because of mainly experience and to a certain extent accumulation of knowledge. I hope with knowledge, you can satisfy your girl’s fantasy.

       18. Thinks you’re stupid and ignorant yet you think you’re smart.

This is common. See, when girls are growing up they’re told that to sustain a relationship with a man, you don’t have to second guess his decisions or do what he’s not comfortable. They tell them never to undermine a man’s intellectualism. So they go on doing just that. But deep down, they’re astonished at how much ignorant you’re, even when you think “you’ve got it handled.”

I know it sucks to leave with someone who has way too many secrets yet she’s supposed to be “your soul mate”. But don’t take it personal, some secrets are as harmless as the people keeping them. Besides, you can’t handle most of the truth. I know I can’t. Secrets were invented for a reason. On a positive side, at least now you’re not so much in the dark.

Enjoy your relationship.

Did I miss any secret? Give it up in the comments section.

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