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25 Places to Meet Women (And How to Approach Them)

Have you ever brainstormed places to meet women but came up short. One or two maybe three places and you’re done? Me too.

But not anymore. In this post, I’ve listed 25 places to meet women – for you. No more excuses. This is a long list. And so I don’t expect you to use all the places mentioned below. But if you can, no problem. I suggest you choose the places you’re comfortable with and go meet some women.

  1. Night Clubs

One thing I like about night clubs is the energy intensity around the place. Because of the excitement, people usually mistake the environmental influence for personal effects.

Instead of thinking; “Well, it’s not that this guy is really interesting, it’s the excitement of the day messing with me,” they instead say to themselves, “I’m feeling good about myself, and I think I like this guy.”

The only problem is that she will more often than not come back to her senses later. And if it happens before you get some, we have a problem.

Approach: “Let me buy you a drink,” still works well. But the best way is to always tell someone you like that you know a better place to relax more (if she’s overwhelmed by the place), and a funnier area around the club (If she’s enjoying herself.)

  1. Yoga classes

Every time a woman tells me she’s attending a yoga class around the city, one thing comes to my mind. That she believes in self-improvement. It shows me that the well-being of her body and especially her mind is a priority in her life. And to me, that counts a lot.

Don’t make it overly obvious that you’re there to pick up women. Some subtlety will do.

Approach: Always ask for her opinion about your abilities. And what her suggestions are, for improvement. She’ll be glad to chip in with her “expert opinion.” As long as you’re talking, no longer seeing each other as strangers, good things will happen. It’ll be easier asking her out and so on.

  1. Gyms

places to meet women

The good thing about gyms is that a good number of these women go to them to be picked up by men. The allure of a muscled man is too good to ignore – for them.

The only problem is that you’re going to be facing competition from other men in the gym too.

Approach: Play the guy who don’t talk to these women a lot. Because chances are high other guys will try getting some airtime of their own. This means you, being the cold one, will get most of the attention from these women. The girls will be wondering which kind of guy doesn’t kiss their asses. That’s when they’ll come to you without knowing why.

  1. Online

The most part of our days are spent online. So it only makes sense to use the internet as much as possible to get women. This doesn’t necessarily involve only dating websites. From social media platforms, to forums and chat rooms. Most things will do. All you have to do is engage and interact with so many women across the internet. From Twitter, to Facebook, to Instagram, to Tinder,, eHarmony, POF. It’s just a matter of choice.

Approach: On the internet, women get so much attention from men. If you thought they get hit on the physical world, you won’t believe what happens to them on the internet. Even an average teenage girl has a legion of loyal men kissing her feet on the internet. It’s like the internet was made for the women. So, try being different. Find a unique approach. Try doing the opposite of what most men do – don’t kiss ass. Don’t. You can use controversy, mystery and unpredictability. Just don’t be like other men.

  1. Grocery stores

places to meet women

This is a gem. Very few men go to grocery stores. “It’s just not manly.” Which leaves most of your possible competitors out of the picture. From young girls to older women, you’ll find them at grocery stores.

Approach: Act the guy who has no idea what to buy. And the best option for such a guy is to seek help from none other than the woman around the corner. Her feminine ego will be soothed big time if a vulnerable man approaches her for some ideas about what to buy in a place not meant for men. During the conversation, insinuate that you’re not as terrible at cooking as you are at choosing what to cook. And that she could stop by at your place some time to see for herself.

  1. Coffee shops

Obviously these shops are more famous for dates than hitting on women. But once in a while you’ll find women who stop by coffee shops to relax and release off some steam. The best part is that it’s mostly couples or people on dates that go to coffee shops. So if you happen to find a single person over there, you’ll have fewer competitors.

Approach: No nonsense. No back doors. No pretense. Just; “I have been over there, stared at you for some time, liked you and wondered what you’re like. I’ve decided to take my chances. I’m called [your name], what’s your name?” Then follow along. Of course sometimes you’ll be bashed but other times it will work out – just like everything in life.

  1. Places of worship

I know. I know. I know what you’re thinking. “But Nic, this is supposed to be a place of worship.” Yes, I get it. But I can assure you that God won’t be mad at you for hitting on a woman in a place of worship. He knows very well what your appetite for women can do. C’mon he created you in the first place.

Approach: First of all, a good number of women in these places are “secretly hoping” to meet a good God-fearing man. Most of them don’t get so much time to meet men during the week as they’re mostly working. Here’s what you do then. Ask some biblical help from her at the end of service. Always be a good listener (people go to worship God in order to have someone attend to their problems. They want someone to understand them). Let them do most of the talking. With time, a date is inevitable (plus tones of goodies).

  1. Shopping malls

If you like women who are obsessed with looking great. The kind that are willing to spend every penny in their wallets to look stunning. Shopping malls are your ideal hunting grounds.

Approach: Ask for fashion advice. No woman interested in fashion doesn’t think of herself as an expert at anything fashion. Rub her fashionista ego within and you might get her phone number before you know it.

  1. Public libraries

Want to meet women who are reading addicts? Public libraries are your best weapon. In my experience, someone who loves reading a lot is normally committed to personal development. I admire such a quality in someone.

Libraries offer a conducive environment for reading. And women love reading, especially novels. Find a library with enough women, pick a novel. And do your thing.

Approach: Obviously discussing about a particular novel will work great. Like in the grocery store, she’ll love it if you pick her mind regards a particular novel. She’ll be more than willing to talk about the book all day. And… she will always entertain talking to you since… c’mon you’re the guy who loves her favorite novels.

  1. Dog parks

places to meet women

It’s no secret that women love pets. And what do you think they do on an evening walk once in a while? If you said “walk their dogs”, you’re right.

And when they feel like having their dogs hang out with other dogs, dog parks are where they do that. The fact that you’ve bought a dog of your own will help you break the ice, trust me.

Approach: Always ask some advice on how she manages to keep her dog looking pretty and clean. This will certainly get you her phone number and so many other things.

  1. Speed dating events

During speed dating, you’re given a few minutes (ranging from 3-9 minutes) to interact with a stranger. During that time, you two need to find out if you like each other. Of course you’re interacting with many strangers in the same go. The good thing about these events is that everyone is interested in dating (or having fun). You don’t have to overly persuade someone to date you the way it is in other dating scenarios.

Approach: You don’t need any approaching technique here as the event is straight forward. But during the interaction, try having fun and don’t take things way too personal. When a woman has a few minutes to decide whether she likes you or not, her choice will most certainly be random. Bonus tip: Go to events where it’s the women doing the approaching, not men. It improves on the men’s chances of getting dates.

  1. Public transportation

This is another gem. If you’re getting back home from work, use public means of transport. And you’ll greatly improve on the number of women you meet throughout the day. Use taxi cabs, trains and buses to move around your city and country. Women are there waiting for you my friend.

Approach: It depends on the mood she happens to be in but talking about current events going on around the city can be great. Inquire about upcoming music festivals, concerts and shows. And get the conversation going.

  1. Your Apartment building

Yes, your apartment building (or neighborhood). Chances are high that there a number of women on your apartment building open to dating an awesome guy like you. But the only way to find out is if you ask.

Approach: This is easy really. You don’t have to pull out all stops to get access to her. Just present yourself as a responsible neighbor getting to know his surroundings. Then you’ll bump into each other over and over and before you know it….

  1. Wedding ceremonies

What I like most about weddings is that the minds of most women will be filled with romantic imaginations, hence being susceptible to accept a date invitation from you. In times like these, people begin reflecting on their own lives and whether they should be having a wedding of their own not long after. Take advantage of this irrationality.

Approach: Ask her how she’s connected to the bride and groom. Ask for her opinion on everything dating, relationships and marriage. And finally get her number such that “you can pick on her brilliant mind in future”

  1. Music concerts

Like night clubs, music concerts are filled with high energy. And like night clubs, people are bound to mistake the high excitement of the event with your effect on them. I like having unfair advantages and using all the tools on my disposal. You should do the same. And don’t approach just one woman. If you like her, approach her. If you approach like 20 in the night, being successful with 5 of them isn’t so terrible, is it?

Approach: Like you (or not), she’s a fan of one of the musicians at the concert. Probe her on that. And make sure. I repeat make sure. You mirror her likes and tastes like a psychic. If she likes Katy Perry, you do too. If she enjoys loud environments you, you too. The familiarity bias will be your best friend here.

  1. Beach

places to meet women

Naturally women love – actually they yearn, to be desired. They’ll do anything to be desired by men and to cause envy within their fellow women. And where else to execute this to the fullest than at the beach?

You’ll meet all kinds of women there. And they’ll be eager to do all kinds of insane things.

Approach: You have to be creative here. That’s why the company of your boys will be much-needed. Come with a game or unique activity where you can readily invite girls to take part. With all of them jumping and shouting and having fun, it’ll be up to you what other cool stuff you want them to check out.

  1. College classes

If you happen to be attending some class at college, your female classmates might be wondering already whether you’re gay or something. In class, you have the advantage of girls not seeing you as a stranger. And they’ll easily talk to you for that matter.

Approach: It’s all about flirting from time to time. And when the timing is right, get her digits.

  1. Through friends and family

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to meet women without any hustle. Friends and family. All of your family members, relatives and friends have their own social circles. Why not take advantage? Pay them visits, attend their birthday parties and outright ask them if you can date some of their cute friends. They’ll be glad to help. And especially take advantage of your female friends and family. You want to have a piece of their friends – with help from them.

Approach: It all depends on the context here. But always ask your friend or family member to do most of the heavy lifting for you. You deserve it.

  1. events

Here’s what says it does; Helps groups of people with shared interests plan events and facilitates off-line group meetings in various localities around the world.

There you have it. Do some research to see if there’s any meetup event organized around your city. And if you happen to be interested in whatever is being organized, then register as one of the attendants. You never know what’s waiting for you.

Approach: Like anything where people have a common interest or goal, you don’t need a lot of swag to talk to anyone. Interact with people and take part in all activities. Then act accordingly when you zero in on a girl you like.

  1. Sports events

places to meet women

Let’s first get this out-of-the-way. Few women are interested in sports per se. It’s mostly a man thing. And so, those who go to sports events, will be more open to meet the testosterone-filled men out there (you).

Approach: Be direct. You want to take advantage of the tribal instincts during such events. If you’re rooting for the same team or player, she’ll be more open to go out with you. Ask her out, full stop.

  1. Writing clubs

If you’re a writer or enjoy the company of writers, you should check out writing clubs. Like any other passion, writers will flock to fellow writers. As an added bonus, writers tend to entertain fewer games generally. So, you’re covered in that regard.

Approach: All you need is participating and try to talk to as many people as possible. Since they’re sensations of “family” involved, you won’t have a hard time connecting and eventually asking someone out.

  1. Through community service

Do you care about women who care about other people and the well-being of their communities? If you said yes, make sure you don’t miss community service events. The fact that the people there are doing something “morally applauded”, there’s always a feeling of togetherness in the air. Meaning you won’t have to do a lot to get the attention of an amazing woman.

Approach: Still, just take part in everything and freely talk to anyone. The women’s defenses are weak and they’re open to talking to anyone. If you can slightly standout, you might just get yourself a woman good at all kinds of servicing.

  1. Supermarkets

Well, if it involves shopping you can be rest assured that the women will be involved.

Come in –Supermarkets. If you can target the ones with huge traffic inside them, your odds of meeting a cute woman just greatly improved.

Approach: Always; get her opinion on something. Maybe a product you would like to buy but don’t know a lot about. Once you fain ignorance, women will be glad to help you out. Once you get the conversation going, you’re good to go.

  1. Movie theaters

Movie theaters are great for meeting women. It’s not a secret anymore that our female counterparts enjoy watching movies much more than we do (well, slightly). And they don’t have a hard time going to movie theaters to devour the latest blockbusters. Why don’t you go join them?

Approach: If you spot a girl you like go sit next to her. Chances are high during the movie, you two will have something to talk about. It might be a high emotional situation or a complaint. Something always pops up. And when it does make sure the conversation doesn’t die. Btw, if she came today to watch a movie, she will come back in future. So, if you don’t get her today, maybe next time.

  1. Comedy nights

places to meet women

Like movies, live comedy shows never fail to attract a large female audiences. There’s a reason cocky men with a sense of humor get women every. Single. Time. Those girls like to laugh. They like it when someone injects some humor into their already boring lives. Take advantage of comedy nights for this very reason my friend.

Approach: Like in movies, just make sure you sit next to a woman or women you’d love to ask out. The situations for you to jazz will eventually unravel. And when they do, don’t allow that energy to disappear without making use of it.

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