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Olivia Pope: A ‘Saint And Sinner’ You Could Easily Love

Have you watched scandal? The incredible drama series by the incredible Shonda Rhimes. If you haven’t, then you should. Because without watching it, you might not get the full picture of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)

Pope – a daughter of the head of a secret US spy agency (father) and a world-renown terrorist (mother) – heads Olivia Pope and Associates. A company whose sole mission is to solve scandals. Olivia and her employees (who happen to be her friends) finds a way out of every conceivable problem. The rich and the famous. The powerful and the influential. All contact OPA whenever they have scandals.

And damn!! Is she good at what she does? Liv (as called by her close acquaintances including the United States president) is so good at her job that sometimes you wonder which kind of world would exist without her services. Her brilliance is responsible for the election of President Fitzgerald. Indeed, that journey to the white house was so brilliant that the two ended up falling in love.

To be blunt, Olivia Pope sleeps with the United States President who happens to be married.

To save you from my love for the show, let’s get down to business. What makes Olivia Pope so good? What makes all men fall madly in love with her? How does she put a spell not only on the men in the show but also those of us viewing? I tried finding the answers.

A) First of all, she’s beautiful and the way she packages her beauty is top-notch.

Olivia wears clothes like she is a royal highness. Her outfits make you want to tell other women to go to hell. Add in her angelic beauty, the dreamy eyes and you don’t blame Jake Ballard and President Fitz for falling head over heels for the woman.

In episode 7 of season 4, Tom (a former body-guard of the president) – while being visited in prison – tells Olivia Pope; “I’ve never really seen you,” he says. [As a body-guard he rarely looked in her face whenever she was secretly meeting the president] “And you. Are. BEAUTIFUL. The face that launched a thousand ships.”

Tom then tells Olivia how he brought the president to her place but then she had left town. “He’s my president, and he needed you. He wanted to die. He tried, you know,” Tom says. “I could protect him from everyone except you. I could never protect him from you, Miss Pope.”

And he repeats, “You ARE beautiful. But really it’s what’s behind your eyes.  And you know they all love you — my president, Jake, Command, and I can see why,”

“You are stunning, but also, you have this really banging brain and personality for days,”

In fact, the president did launch a thousand ships (the US army) in order to save the life of Olivia Pope.

B) She’s hyper loyal – to her friends.

olivia pope

Everyone in Olivia Pope and Associates has been at one time in his/her life been saved by Olivia Pope. And she has gone on to protect them and have their backs no matter what. Even when she seems like acting otherwise, she always has their best interests at heart – in the long run.

This gives her an incredible foundation for the success of her company and that of her life. It’s one thing to have loyal people working for you and another to have people willing to sacrifice their lives for you.

Whenever something happens to one of her own, she will move mountains in order to save them. And the men in her life bear witness to this. She helped one of his boyfriends win not one but two elections. She saved the other’s life when all the evidence suggested that he had killed the first boyfriend’s son.

Simply, if you’re on Liv’s side and she considers you dear in her life – she will save you from anything or anyone no matter what. Who wouldn’t want to have such a woman on his side?

C) She knows ‘right and wrong’ are not fixed

She might be loyal to her friends. But she’ll put them under the bus if it’s the right thing to do. She might want justice and fairness for everyone but she’ll keep a blind eye if she thinks those virtues don’t serve well in the long run.

She might hate you but sleep with you if there’s an agenda she badly wants to go through.

If need dictates, Olivia may put her own interests behind, betray the people she loves most – just for the higher purpose. In her world, “right and wrong” are not fixed.

I don’t know about you but I freaking want to be part of her world.

D) She’s super sexual – And I mean super sexual.

olivia pope

On the inauguration day of President Fitzgerald III, Olivia didn’t attend the main ceremony. Fitz – the ever horny gentleman, felt lonely and empty. Hence did what he normally does in such situations.

He looked for her in all places, and found her in the oval office. Hmmm. You need to really see these two people whenever they’re alone.

He put her on top of the table – with her eyes saying all sorts of things to him. She pulled down her panties, to the level of her thighs and Fitz did the rest. They fucked like horny teenagers that night. It’s like she was ready to go all this time. And the same thing happened over and over again.

Olivia Pope is ready to fuck in any situation. There’s a time she fucked Jake nonstop that I wondered whether her pussy wasn’t in need of some surgical love. But then again, she doesn’t topple things she’s not sure she can handle. Meaning she was fine this whole time.

I love a woman who truly loves sex. A woman who wants to screw me anytime she feels an itch. I don’t know about you but Olivia Pope is that kind of woman in case you were wondering.

E) She solves almost any problem.

Who doesn’t want to have a hot sexy woman in his life who solves problems for a living? Do you have a scandal you’d not like getting out to the general public? Call Olivia Pope. Are you having family problems that seem irreparable? Call Olivia Pope.

With a woman like her in your life, you can be rest assured that a few of your heartaches will be effectively handled.

With a mind like hers, your relationship can survive any problem however humongous.

F) I love her eyes – they’re breath-taking.

She has these dreamy eyes that makes you stand in awe if she looked at you. It’s inevitable to feel pity for the men in her life on the show really. With her eyes, she turns and twists their hearts like a knife in butter.

Her eyes are the perfect complement to her strong personality. They soften everything before her ambitious and power-hungry character takes over. And whoever happens to be in her way, rarely survives.

The epitome of her eyes comes when she’s horny and ready to take someone in. Oh boy, do you want to be next to her in that moment… With her eyes alone, you’d be willing to turn the world upside down just for her. She’s that blessed.

G) She’s freaking addicted to power.

olivia pope

With this addiction, comes the fact that no man in her life ever feels like he truly owns her. She loves power so much that she’s not even aware of it. In essence she’s yours but not yours. Attainable but unattainable.

This makes her elusive. It gives her freedom to do what she wants and when she wants to. The men in her life continue falling head over heels for her as a result. They don’t know what’s eating them. They keep on wanting her. They keep on hoping to have her to themselves someday.

In the process, they keep on risking everything for her. Don’t believe me? Well, President Fitz at one time led the United States into war just because the other option required Olivia Pope suffering and probably ending up dead. He couldn’t take such an option.

And you can’t blame her really. After all, she’s her father’s daughter. A man so power-hungry that Vladimir Putin seems like toddler. He brought her up to be the kind of woman she is. Even though she has a hard time believing it.

Olivia’s only constant love is power. And maybe Fitz too. Who knows.

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