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9 Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas That Don’t Suck.

There are so many ways to propose to your loved one. But how about when you want to take it a step further? What if you want to do something that has never been done before? Where do you start? What marriage proposal ideas are worth considering? Keep reading…

  1. Create a brief-history movie.

By the time you want someone to become your wife; you two have been through a lot together. I assume. From the first time you laid your eyes on her (or her on you). To those days she flaked on you after a date arrangement. The times she fell in love with you even though she couldn’t admit it.

You two have been through a lot – the good times and the bad. There was a time when the feelings of pleasure were intense and the times of total disgust. You enjoyed the good moments and persevered through the bad ones. Here you’re today – thinking about getting married.

If you want a memorable proposal, make a simple movie out of all those moments. You don’t need fancy cameras especially if you’re short on cash. A camera of a fairly good smart phone can do just fine. Get videos of all the places you’ve been to. Assemble all the photos you’ve taken together before. And make a brief-history movie of your love life. If you’re not good at it, always get help from someone or learn from the mighty YouTube – it has so many good video tutorials.

And then end it with a marriage proposal. You can play it for her on a surprise dinner or a movie night at home. She will never forget it. I promise. It’s unique because most people are so lazy to do all that work.

  1. If she’s a book lover, get help from her favorite author.

marriage proposal ideas

As the title reads, it’s all about uniqueness baby. When you want to come up with something unique, laziness won’t cut it. You need to go overboard with whatever you’re trying to pull off. And this move isn’t an exception.

Women love reading – especially fiction. They make up the greatest audience on Amazon’s kindle platform. Many authors publish their books on Amazon too.

So, if you truly love your partner (I hope you do), I imagine by now you know her favorite books. And her respective favorite authors too. Here’s what you do with that information. Contact her favorite author (most of them have websites, Twitter and Facebook accounts) and tell him/her your story and how your partner is a fan of his/hers. Tell her what you want to do and how she can help you out.

In most cases, ask her to send her a customized version of an upcoming book with her signature and some kind of a proposal at the end of the book. Something like, “If you enjoyed reading this book, [your name] is happy for you. And this is what he has to say. “[Her name], I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I hope this isn’t weird for you but Please marry me. I know we can be happy together.”” And so on. You get the picture. You know better what you want to tell her. You’re killing it here bro.

I know reaching out to strangers can be scary but there’s a reason romantic movies are popular. We’re always rooting for loved ones to win. And so is that author you’ll be contacting. Reach out, tell her/him your story and see what happens. If she ignores you the first time, try the second and third and on… until she agrees to reach back.

  1. Letters released by an airplane in the sky.

Still, as I said, unique things are not for everyone. Here comes the jet in the sky move. You’ll need to have some money to pull this off. But there has to be some companies out there that offer services like this to the public – at a cheaper price.

Contact such a company, tell them what you want and they will do it. What ideas should you consider then?

The timing of everything should be right. They need to know where your girl will be at a certain time. It’s even better when the two of you are together. Maybe you escort her to go buy some groceries. And bum! Let her see letters of her name coming out of the sky – with banners (or letters still) of your marriage proposal following slightly after.

If you’re with her in the same location, you can go ahead and supplement the jet proposal with an actual proposal from your lips.

You’ll blow her mind away. This is epic unique…

  1. Prepare her a special dinner if you’ve never cooked.

If you’re fond of cooking, skip this idea right away. If you occasionally cook for your woman, it won’t be as mind-blowing if you propose to her on an organized special dinner. For you, the dinner won’t cut it because she’s used to that.

Surprise + exotic + right timing = mind-blowing.

Do for her something she couldn’t expect from you. Heck, something she couldn’t expect from anyone she knows. Now you’re blowing her mind. It’s a marriage proposal she’ll always be telling her friends about.

If you’re terrible at cooking or you don’t cook much often even if you’re good at, keep reading. There thousands of recipes for incredible meals all over the internet. Just do what they say and you’ll be good. You’ll find lots of YouTube videos telling you exactly what to do. Follow along and she won’t know what hit her.

There’s something women find sexy about a meal prepared by a man who rarely cooks. I want you to be that man.

  1. Where you first met.

marriage proposal ideas

When you’ve been with someone for quite a long time, you’re bound to forget a few things. That’s inevitable. But there are some memories you can’t forget no matter what.  Especially if you love and care for this person so much.

Come in – The place where you two first met. Sometimes it’s a disgusting place or a heaven on earth. Maybe you didn’t start on the right footing. But the bad beginnings won’t matter as long as the present is full of joy.

Take her to that place where you two first met. She might even assume you forgot all about it. Don’t give her the heads up on where you’re taking her. Just take her. In case she doesn’t remember anything about the place or she can’t figure it out (places change too), help her remember. Sit down and remind yourselves about those times. Talk, joke and laugh.

And then…. (Drum rolls please…) Propose to her. It can’t get any better than that. After thinking to herself, “I’m lucky to have [your name] in my life. Look where we started but we’re still growing strong.” You amplify it even more with a marriage proposal. I really hope she doesn’t faint. It would be wise to get ready for the night though.

  1. Let a group of kids do the heavy lifting for you.

Yap – you had me right, its kids that I’m talking about. Don’t frown on me; they’re going to be impressive. Get kids of friends or any kids for that matter. If you two have kids, get them involved also. But be ready to pay for their services. Stock a lot of sweets and chocolate too.

The idea is to have them ask her for a hand in marriage with you at the back of the group. You can arrange them in lines with special banners or letters asking “her” for marriage. If you can’t deal with the complexities of organizing kids, get help from a female friend or relative.

Here’s why getting kids is a genius idea. Women love kids because of their motherly instincts. Naturally, if it’s the kids doing the bidding for you, she’s going to perceive it as sweet. And if you two haven’t already got kids, she’ll be glad to see that you value kids that much. You’re melting her heart dude.

  1. Use a truly unique ring.

If your woman loves fashion and classy stuff, this is for you. A unique ring doesn’t have to be expensive as such but unique. It has to scream “None of your friends has or will ever get such a ring.” If she loves standing out of the pack, now you’re talking. If she can’t stand anything else besides being number one at most things, this is how you feed her vanity.

Do some research. Talk to your friends, both men and women. Get ideas from them. Find out the places where you can find such a ring. In some cases, you might need it to be customized just for your woman. If you look around your city, if you ask around, you’re bound to find someone who can make this happen.

  1. Proposing at special vacation places.

Places like Paris, Milan or New York have a feel of special vacation places. In most of these places, you’ll find companies that just do that. Help men make memorable proposals to their women.

If you can manage financially, consulting some of these companies will be your best bet. As this is what they do from year to year. They know what works and what doesn’t. Through experience, they’ve learned what blows the minds of women and what flops. Let them help you out. Your partner doesn’t need to find out that you got help from someone else. All that matters is having her mind blown away.

  1. Huge family gatherings.

Some people care about their families – a lot. In fact, there people whose livelihoods can’t be separated from their friends and families. Most people actually. If your wife to-be is someone like that, this proposal idea might be what you exactly need.

Timing is everything here. There will always be moments when all family members have gathered together. If some of them know and like you, the better. Wait when everyone is around and ask for a speech platform. Then ask your partner for a hand in marriage.

You can also go through all the chit-chat about how you two met and how you’ve positively contributed to each other’s lives. Essentially, brief them about your history. And then pop the million dollar question.

You should be ready to get some much-needed support from the crowd. This will feel incredible to your girl – if she really counts on her family.

But if she doesn’t, don’t risk it. You don’t want to be the reason for the most terrible feeling in her life. Some people can be a pain in the a**- save her from them.


There many ways of pulling off unique marriage proposal ideas that don’t suck. But if you need a formula, here it is; Think of something she cares about or something that is so surprising and start from there. You have to make sure she’s comfortable with whatever you’re thinking about, not the other way round. It’s about her, not about you (Well – maybe a little but you get the point).

If you can avoid laziness, be a bit creative and bold – big things are bound to happen. I wish you luck with your endeavors.

Have you ever proposed to someone before? Do you have any thoughts on marriage proposal ideas that don’t suck? I would love to hear what you have to say on Facebook.

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