Here’s How to Make That Girl Loyal Once And for All.

Once you’re in love with someone, you always want this girl to be fully yours. Sometimes it’s not even because of love, maybe you love the sex and you don’t want to share her goodies. For deep psychological reasons, each one of us does all one can to fend away the possible suitors of this one person. You want her to be loyal. But it’s not easy. Because a lot of things depend on what this one person wants, needs and does.

If we’re to succeed in this attempt we have to approach it the one way that works every time. This is it; create a way in which it’s your girl’s self-interest to fend away her suitors. If she’s the one doing it, you’re bound to succeed having her to yourself.

So how do you get her to do that? We shall get there in a minute but first;

Why it takes hard work.

I have to warn you here, wishful thinking won’t cut it. It takes getting knowledge – which you’re doing. And then ruthlessly putting all you’ve learnt to work. It will take time but eventually you’ll be there. And you can use the same knowledge for all your future conquests.

Keep in mind that you’re dealing with a fellow human being. With her own wants, desires, fantasies, needs and fears. But if you do everything we talk about here, you’ll be fine.

Here is what it takes.

To zero in on what it will take, you need to look at things from a feminine point of view. This is what you need to focus on to make sure that she has less room for even imagining about getting someone else.

Survival requirements.

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Naturally women are specialists at reproduction and not survival. Their bodies and psych were fine-tuned by nature to conceive a child, give birth to this child and then take care of him no matter what. And then nature fine-tuned men to be survival specialists. Our bodies are fine-tuned to ensure survival no matter what. Because of that, men needed women to safely pass on their genes where women needed men to ensure their safety. And be able to take care of their kids.

Luckily for women, the modern environment has improved on the conditions for them to fend for themselves. But their brains are still the same. She is going to look at your ability to help her survive whether she knows it or not. It’s deeply primal.

That’s why in every part of the world money is still used as a yardstick. To determine how attractive women find men. In ancient times, that prize went to big muscles. But you don’t need those any more. You need a fat bank account.

Way forward: You don’t need to have millions of dollars to your name to qualify. But if you’re resourceful. If she can rely on you to help her solve her problems. If she doesn’t have to worry about the future because of you. That’s a big step taken my friend.

But we’re just getting started.

Physical satisfaction.

Sex was invented for reproduction but we can’t have babies every time. So now and then the urge for sex has to be taken care of. The yardstick for sexual satisfaction for women is having an orgasm. It is such an incredible experience.

To the extent that she will do anything to have it. Even if she has never experienced it, her friends will make sure she has vivid images of how it feels.

Needless to say, you have to rock her world in bed. Give her some of the most amazing experiences she only dreamt about before. If you do this you’re moving closer to our ultimate goal – having her for keeps.

The other part of physical satisfaction involves her physical appearances. She needs to feel appreciated. To feel beautiful. She wants to know that she still rocks your world.

Make her feel that. Compliment her once in a while. She will feel special. If you don’t she will try seeking this validation from someone else. You don’t want that.

You need to be careful though, don’t throw around the compliments like they cost nothing. She will take them for granted. She might even assume you didn’t mean what you said. If her physical state is covered, you’re even closer to what you want.

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Emotional satisfaction.

This one is a beast. Emotions rule almost everything in our lives. Not only do they help us navigate the world by simplifying the decision-making process, emotions do much more. Impact them properly and you’re the best man in the world. Mess them up and you’re relegated to nothingness.

Most women don’t want to date many guys. They need only one guy. But the kind of guy “who gets it”.  They want someone to sweep them off the floor. To make her feel things she only watches on Tele novellas. This one guy who messes up her mind so bad that he’s the only thing on her brain.

This post I wrote about how to make her fall in love will be your best friend in this attempt.

When her mind is busy thinking about you. Busy scheming ways to make you happy. She won’t have time nor the space to deal with any other man.

Spiritual satisfaction.

Well – spiritual anything is always subjective. But what do I mean by spiritual satisfaction? I’m talking about her goals in life. Her fantasies – the things she would want to happen but isn’t sure whether and when they can happen. Her spiritual world includes relationships with other people except you. How is her life with her friends? What about her relatives? Is she on good terms with her parents or guardians?

Her spiritual world includes dreams. The things she has always dreamt of. But perhaps will take a long time before they come to pass. Maybe she wants to be a fashion mogul in the city. Or she wants to run an NGO focused on helping other women worldwide.

It also includes her views on herself in relation to the world at large. Is she religious or scientific-minded? What kind of information is she interested in consuming? Simply say, how she looks at the world beyond her immediate surroundings and the people she knows.

Way forward: Don’t expect to satisfy her spiritually at any point in life. Because most of these things are out of your control. But you can help her move in the direction she craves. Do all you can, to help her meet some of these things. Always have her back. That’s what she wants, and needs.

Don’t expect to understand why she wants certain things. Your role is to support and have her back no matter what. Become the rock she leans on when the road is not clear.

If you do that, expect her to call you a “soul mate” or at least treat you as one. You’ve become a rare breed my friend.

Congratulations, now you’re going to make her yours alone once and for all.


Don’t put pressure on yourself to meet all these in a short time. It’s highly improbable. Do your level best. One day at a time. This effort will compound into great stuff as time goes on. Take it slow and allow yourself to falter.

To recap, watch out for her survival, physical and emotional needs. And you will not have to be jealousy again.

What do you think? Have I missed out anything important? Let me know in the comments section.

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