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How to Attract Women The Right Way

In the drama series Californication, the lead character Hank Moody (played by David Duchovny) has so much ease with women that you’re forced to wonder whether this guy is human or not. Each one of us struggles in his way on how to attract women but not for Hank.

He sleeps with them any time he wants. Even when he’s not intending to sleep with anyone (normally when he’s back together with his wife and soul mate Karen), the women come after him like he harbors a fountain of youth. These women seem helpless in their bid to have him in between their legs. He’s so good that sometimes even the women of his male friends try getting a piece of him.

But on analyzing Hank and guys like him, they’re patterns that begin to emerge. Things you can maybe apply to your own situation and see if you can truly nail how to attract women. I have to admit though that some of these guys are so good that we’re better off trying to get at least some portion of their ability. Not to be like them but a bit like them.

One of the reasons why these men are good isn’t their ability to persuade or manipulate women. But their ability to attract these women. It’s the women coming after them not the other way round. The women just can’t help it. It’s like a sexual magnet is pulling them towards these men.

So what can you do to replicate the success of these giants? What can you do have women coming to you nonstop?

how to attract women

  1. Deeply care about women at large.

“Whenever I see women in trouble, I don’t think I just act” said Hank in one of the episodes where a female stranger was in trouble. Every time he saw a woman being molested or disrespected; a father of one, Hank stepped in to defend the woman. No matter the consequences.

When you deeply care about someone, he/she will know it. And you don’t need to market yourself on this. People just know. Period.

When you really care about women, they will see, feel and embrace it through your words and actions. They will gravitate towards you. They will worship you. You will be portrayed as the masculine version of them. People love people who are like them. Become that person and the women will be attracted to you.

  1. Dress to kill.

First impressions are important. They are not accurate in most cases but it’s a weakness deeply ingrained into our biology. So take advantage of this weakness. Put on a show and people will think that’s who you truly are. Dress like a king and they will think you’re one.

They can’t help it. I know you probably also can’t help it. Take care of how you look. Groom yourself well. Put on clothes that fit. Find the colors that much well with your posture and skin color. Dress to kill and your bed will thank you for it.

This depends on which kind of women you’re trying to attract though. When you’re targeting corporate women, they will be suckers for suits. The official attires. Yet when you’re heading for socialites, you’re better off dressing like Chris Brown. Bling and what have you. Adjust accordingly.

  1. Display your love for kids.

The women are specialists at procreation. At least nature made sure of that. So they are naturally alert when it comes to children (even if they don’t have any of their own). Whenever she is interacting with you and you happen to like kids. When you to treat them well. Then you have her motherly instincts on your side. Take advantage of that.

Laugh with the kids. Play with them. Buy them ice cream. And the effect will go further than you will ever imagine.

Actually if you want her for the long run, she is going to be hyper alert when it comes to your behavior towards kids. She can’t help it really.

  1. Sense of humor.

I don’t know why but women love a man who makes them laugh. If you can brighten up her dull and stressful day, you’ve just scored highly my friend. Life is hard. We need to laugh and crack jokes every once in a while.

I know it’s hard having humor yourself if life is incredibly hard for you too. But you don’t want to be like everyone else. Move out of your skin. Provide her with the laughter she craves and she’ll be attracted to you without knowing why.

  1. Wit and charm.

Wit is mental cleverness. Quick thinking. It’s so elusive and rare that every time you meet someone with wit, you’re left baffled by their very nature. Charm is often arousing admiration by either your words or actions.

On meeting someone new, because of wit and charm; you’ll leave her speechless wondering whether you’re married or not.

Because those two traits don’t come naturally for most of us, the most you can do is practice and learn from the best if need be.

Women love men who are exceptional at whatever they do or say. They love the exotic. The exotic symbolizes a possibility for unusually healthy genes (from an evolutionary perspective). Use wit and charm and they will be attracted to you.

  1. Become a good listener.

How often do you meet a good listener in your life? Someone who is willing to genuinely lend you their ears. For my case, it’s so rare. People can’t stop talking about themselves. They have so much to say. They have a lot going on in their lives that they need someone to talk to.

Good listening doesn’t come naturally as easily as talking. That’s why it’s a valuable skill to develop. You’ll be the guy who “listens”.

Every time she thinks of someone to talk to, you’ll be that guy. She will become attracted to you even if you don’t say a lot of words. Why? Because other guys are just like her, always talking about themselves.

Btw, if she happens to be a good listener too, keep that one. She’s equally rare.

how to attract women
This is taking mystery to the extreme…
  1. Mystery and unpredictability.

Humans are habitual creatures. We live our lives through routines. What we eat, the places we hung out in, the words we use. Most of them are the same. And so with time, our lives become stale and boring. Even if we rarely know why.

Imagine this beautiful girl you’ve found at a bar. She knows what to expect from people around. It’s easy to guess the moves of the men trying to hit on her. Time goes on without any significant change going on in her life.

And then she meets this unapologetic guy. She expects men to appear all needy, yet you don’t. She expects you to chill when she roars, only that you’re not scared. After doing all she can to boss you around, she finally accepts your drink offer. And the two of you go on to have a healthy conversation.

What most men do at the end, is ask her for the contact, but not you. You instead tell her that you have a girlfriend and you hope you two can become friends. She’s clearly shocked.

The next time you meet her, she’s nervous. Only for you to kiss her abruptly. Not knowing what to say or do, she’s left speechless again. Only for you to disappear once more.

That’s mystery. That’s unpredictability at work.

The act of doing or being the complete opposite of what she expects. You’ll be the only man on her mind at night. We think about the things or the people we don’t understand. It’s primal. If these people are of the opposite sex, we might even fall in love.

  1. Show off your wealthy.

I left this to come last for a reason. As a man you’re attracted to women with big bums, cute tits and beautiful faces. For the women, replace all those things with money. Or wealth or status.

It’s primal too. See, women are specialists at procreation. So, to lease their expertise, we needed some evidence. The bums and tits indicate to us her fertility. Her ability to give birth to health babies.

But men are survival specialists. She is sensitive to your ability to find her what to eat and where to sleep. Your ability to keep her safe. In the Stone Age times, your big muscles indicated this to our female ancestors. They signaled your ability to hunt for food and fight off the wild animals. In the modern times, social status, money and wealth have replaced the muscles. As we no longer hunt and fight lions.

So, the way you feel attracted to her because of the big bums is the same way she will feel because of your brand new Bentley. Or your incredibly looking apartment.

Go ahead and show off your wealthy and the big bums will come knocking. Trust me.


It might take some effort to master how to attract women but it’s doable. Do the things we’ve talked about and you will greatly improve your skills. Apply one thing or two at a time. And see what happens. With time you will figure out what works for you.

In your opinion, what have I not talked about? What has worked for you in the past that I’ve skipped? Please share your wisdom with other readers… in the comments section.

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