Debunked: The Myth of Hot Women Being Good in Bed.

You have been there before. But then again, on a Monday morning, you’re going to a workshop. And boom, you see an angel in front of you moving towards the taxi. She has the most beautiful face you’ve ever seen. Her bulging bums coupled with the wide hips force you to stop – and take a look. She’s a rare breed and you’ve got to savor the moment. I know, Hot women can have such an effect.

Taking your time, to stare at her, one body part at a time. Until she enters the taxi. Then you can go on with your business. But not so fast. You keep moving, but your brain replays all kinds of scenarios involving this incredible work of nature you’ve just met.

You imagine what it would feel like if you had just one night with her. Being the imaginative genius it is, your brain goes ahead to simulate her as your girlfriend. Telling you how much she loves you. The two of you at the beach somewhere wondering what you had done to God to deserve all the happiness you’re experiencing.

As you probably already know by now. You’re not alone. Most men feel exactly like you when it comes to beautiful women. Heck, there’s a study that confirmed that men don’t always take protective measures when having sex with attractive women.

There’s something in our brains that pushes us to sleep with attractive women no matter the consequences. There’s this other you telling you to go go go go go… Go get her. At times it’s like if you miss out on her the world will end.

But as you will later find out, maybe you’re not missing out on something after all. Are sexy women really the best at sex? Are they the sweetest by any measures possible? Does having a wide hip show how memorable your sexual encounters with her will turn out?

Why sexy women have this intense effect on you.

horny chica

It’s all about the genes. Most things are about the genes. Genes are like emperors and kings of long ago. Almost nothing happens without their consent.

Naturally we’re wired to look for the best possible genes for our off springs (That’s what you would want if you were a gene). Like anything in nature, this process had to be simplified. That’s how the bulging physical features influence you the way they do. To the brain, a big bum indicates good genes.

I think someone’s level of intelligence should be the most sought after trait. But we discover intelligence through language mostly. And language was invented only recently. Like most things in nature, what was invented before always tramps the new-comers. That’s why you might be able to control your fear but not your breathing. It’s the reason big bums and wide hips are more celebrated than intelligence. And so the brain instructs you to get that woman in any way possible.

The curse of first appearances.

Generally all humans, on meeting a new person, consider physical cues (subconsciously) to help them decide a few things within seconds. To know whether to trust this person or not. Whether this person is respectable or not. And so on.

With us men, well, we have to also decide whether this person is worth sleeping with (Still without our conscious awareness).

So you can imagine who is going to be rated top-notch. A woman with a huge ass or someone with a leveled one. It’s not even close. Nature made sure of that. The former tramps the later by far.

It’s the same reason society always rates physical features highly. That’s why you rarely find lists of intelligent women being debated in the media. It’s always beauty, bums, tits, skin color, eyes and hips. The physical cues. Even if each one of us can testify to the fact that these cues don’t tell us anything about someone’s mindset and personality. Which are by far the more accurate benchmarks.

Men and visual arousal.

I love sex. You love sex. Many of my male friends, loveee sex. It’s how we transmit our genes. It was in evolution’s interest to make it as interesting as possible. Else, I and you wouldn’t be here today. But there is a disadvantage to our sexual selves. A bias that doesn’t allow us to get a high return on our sex investments.

Because for the most part we don’t know why we’re more responsive to hot women, we end up mistaking that responsiveness with the possible pleasure we shall get once we sleep with them. You assume because she has great tits, she will be super responsive in bed. In your mind, just because she has big bums, you assume she will be as wet as the Niagara Falls.

Because she has a perfect waist to bums ratio, you assume she will wiggle her ass like Nicki Minaj in Anaconda. But will she?

Is it worth risking everything to get heaven on earth with this sexy goddess? As we shall find out, the answer is somewhat NO.

The basic sexual biology of a female body.

See, the arousal of a woman. Her responsiveness to your moves. The amount of fluids she releases during sexual intercourse. The chemical reactions happening in her body. These things depend on alien stuff like hormones, neurochemicals and blood flow.

In other words, what is in control of the experiences you want to have are bodily mechanisms under the radar. Stuff you can’t see. Even though you can influence them to some degree.

The hormonal levels in our bodies are random like everything in nature. One person has higher levels than the other. Someone’s hormones are more active than another. Basically stuff you can’t deduct by just looking at someone’s physical features.

Take this fact for example. One of the greatest accomplishments of a man is giving his woman an orgasm. Chances are if she enjoys herself, you’ll enjoy yourself. But to experience an orgasm, clitoral stimulation is vital. Yet it is well-known that the bigger the clitoris of a woman, the better her clitoral sensitivity. Hence the better her chances of achieving an orgasm through stimulation.

How can you foresee the size of her clitoris for God’s sake if you only look at her visible features? You can’t. Except if you’ve seen her naked. Which brings me to the next point.

Let the sex decide.

waist as seen

I hope the way to go has become obvious by now. You can’t expect magical experiences with someone simply because her ass is bigger than Beyoncé’s. Her ass has nothing to do with how wet she will be when being penetrated.

Just because she has wide hips doesn’t mean she is a squirting queen.

Any woman can have all these things you’re looking for. But you can’t know which one by just looking at them. You will only confirm that in case she ends up in your bed.

I can assure you, that the ugly formless babe you see at the supermarket on the weekends might be the most sexual being you’ll ever meet. Or that neighbor of yours with a leveled ass. She might be the best BJ giver ever. The thing is, you can’t know what the ocean holds by just looking at the shores. No matter how terrifying the waves seem. It’s deluding yourself. Period.


I know it’s hard imagining that a woman as sexy as Kim Kardashian might be boring in bed after all. It’s hard to imagine. But she might be boring. Or not. You can’t let her sexy body fool you before you prove it for yourself. In the end you’ll appreciate the diversity in women.

You’ll begin liking women you never thought of approaching before. You will stop overrating girls just because they look breath-taking. Let’s just say, you’ll appreciate the feminine world more.

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