first date gift Ideas for her

First Date Gift Ideas for Her: The Unique Ultimate List

It’s 1 am in the night but you’re still awake. Tomorrow is a big day – at least in your world. You’re thinking and wondering, what first date gift ideas for her can I toss around until I find a gold mine? Don’t worry, you’ll be getting sleep within a few minutes from now – courtesy of me.

But first, is it a good idea to get her a gift on your first date?

No it’s not a good idea. People don’t value things that come to them without working hard for them. It seems like it doesn’t make sense. I mean, why would you want to always first do a lot of grunt work before getting something? But we’re not as rational as we want to believe.

People like working for their lunch. And that sexy blonde you’re about to see tomorrow is no exception. I know the desire to give her something is great. Come on Nic, this girl makes me feel things I’ve never felt before, she has rebooted my life again. Now I feel like life is worth living. You say.

You’re partially right. When someone does something great for you, it only makes sense to do the same for them. This would be perfect for someone you’re not planning on dating. But not someone you badly want in your life.

Because getting her a gift, especially on a first date, might lead to the opposite effect.

But still, there will be conditions when a gift is reasonable. For example in cases where you’ve known this girl for some time and you two have decided to start dating. And countless other reasons. The thing is, you should be the judge of your situation and see if it makes sense getting her a gift. Here’s the rule of thumb though; don’t get someone a gift if you’ve not known her for more than 6 months.

Having said that, this article is not about not getting her a gift. Which brings us back to our topic.

You’ve decided to get her a gift, what gift ideas should you think about?

What to give a woman on a first date.

  1. If she told you about some of her passions, then come up with a gift idea based on that.

When it comes to laughter, happiness and all the things we really aim for in life, at the base, there’s context. Let’s say you aim for laughter. In most cases it will depend on which kind of environment you live in, what you already know and what you believe in. And some basic human nature.

So, to get a woman the kind of gift that will mean something to her, context should be really considered. What does she care about? Do you want to make her happy or simplify her life? What are her beliefs? All these things come into play. That’s why I don’t advice you to get a woman a gift when you know so little about her. Because to know all these things, it takes time and constant interaction with someone.

  1. A unique bottle of wine.

Wine never fails to impress. And if it’s of a unique kind, then you might just kill it my friend. Remember though, if you’re in a place where you might be served drinks including wine, then wait for date to end to give her the wine.

This way giving her the wine will be a symbol of appreciation from you for a date gone well. You’ll be rewarding her for work well done.

I think by now you should be noticing a pattern. Even this unique bottle of wine will only be unique if you already have some information about your date. That’s why it’s important for you to have some background information about what your woman’s taste is as regards to different things.

first date gift Ideas for her

  1. A small chocolate box

Oh chocolate. It never fails to impress too. From little girls to big ones, chocolate is this aphrodisiac women can’t get enough of. Btw there’s a way chocolate symbolizes romance. For most women, in order for a romantic gesture to be genuine and memorable, you’re better off having chocolate play some role.

Come with a small chocolate box and hand it over to her at the end of the date. But if you care about people’s health you shouldn’t get your date chocolate if she has weight issues. You have to be empathetic here man.

  1. A unique toy.

Toys are great especially for young women as long as they’re unique. I don’t know if teddy bears are still popular but anything popular is a no go. Don’t get her something she might have at home. You want something that stands out. This might take a lot of thinking and researching to pull it off but if you can find a way, the rewards will compensate for your time.

Since gifts on a first date are highly inadvisable, you want your gift to really stand out.

  1. On a cold night out, a sleek scarf can do.

This is one of those “he’s so thoughtful” evoking kind of gifts. A scarf goes a long way to help out during the cold weather. And you giving it out to her signifies your attention to detail in her eyes. What a way to start a dating journey.

Since the color red symbolizes everything romance, you’d do even better if you got her a red scarf. As I said you’re better off giving it to her at the beginning and not later.

  1. If she’s a voracious reader, a good book will go a long way.

Consider this scenario. You two having heard a stimulating and enriching conversation all evening, you give her a book about one of her favorite topics at the end.

Trust me if I say she’ll think about you all night before calling to check on you the next day. People who like reading like it when someone recognizes it and does a sweet gesture like what you’ve just did. You’ll be the next big thing. Besides her books of course.

  1. If your date loves and owns a pet, a simple gift for her pet is a killer.

first date gift Ideas for her

If you find a woman who has a pet, be rest assured that she’ll love the poor thing like they’re twin sisters.

To her, the pet is a loyal and ever-present friend. She’ll do anything in her power to make sure it has everything it needs. Now imagine her coming into contact with another human being, a man, who actually thought about her pet too. It feels incredible – to her.

Go ahead, amaze her pet, to amaze your date.

  1. A day or two after the date, how about a photograph of you two on the date? (Especially if the date went well)

There’s a reason smart phone makers targeting women see to it that the cameras on the phones are superb. Ladies love photos especially in our social media driven world were a single upload can get thousands of adoring men reminding her of what a goddess she is.

Tap into this fascination with photos by sending her a photo of you two on the date. To put a little mystery into this, have someone else at your chosen venue take the photo without her noticing. On receiving it, she’ll wonder how in the world you did it.

But don’t send her one if you’re not sure how she felt about the date. You might come out as creepy.

When to exactly hand her the gift?

Most of the gifts should be handed out to your date at the end of the date. At least, the gift will be perceived as a reward for a good time she gave you rather than taking it as a way of showing off if you handed it out at the beginning of the date.

Depending on your place and the circumstances, gifts such as wine and the scarf can be handed out before the date too. It makes sense saving someone from extreme coldness before than after. And also if the date venue is at a faraway place from the rest of the public, drinking the wine makes more sense.


Since you now have a collection of first date gift ideas for her, pick one option that makes most sense to you and execute it to the fullest. After all, if you’ve decided to give her a gift it’s better to more than impress her.

Have a wonderful date.

Before you leave, tell me about your secret gift ideas that have worked great for you in the past.



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