female orgasm

Female Orgasm – How it Works & What Happens in the Body.

The female orgasm is the epitome of sexual pleasure for most people. After you’ve done all of your magic to her body, the occurrence of an orgasm shows whether you really did something or you were just wasting her time.

A female orgasm gets a lot of airtime because it’s way too intense and pleasurable compared to the male orgasm. I’m not saying, the pleasure you feel is mediocre. C’mon, it’s great. It’s just that our sisters go overboard. Theirs is a biological marvel. And one thing about biological marvels is that not everyone gets to experience them. Which is not the case with us men. Ours is quick, short and pleasurable enough. But nothing to write about in the newspapers and books.

A friend of mine once told me he was done courting women. That he felt like they were taking advantage of him during sex. I asked him why and he said “They get all the best dishes served. Their pleasure makes you even jealousy. Yet they want us to spend so much time courting them like we gain more in the long run.” One woman is enough for me now – am done working hard just to give someone such immense pleasure without anything significant for myself.

Maybe he is right or not. Who am I to judge? But if giving your partner an orgasm is your goal, knowing everything you can about its workings is the best thing you can do to reach closer to that goal.

Watch this video;

Knowing what does what when stimulated gives you an upper hand during sex. If you can zero in on the sensations she feels, you’re closer to making her day. By educating yourself about everything about a female orgasm, you’re improving your chances of becoming the go-to guy whenever those babies want to feel good.

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